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Ad Buyers & Agencies (3)
What type of Ads do you support?

Atlan Media Networks™ supports basically every ad type currently offered in the market today. Desktop: Banners, Text and Video, Mobile: App Banners, Text, and Video including Smart Watches. Email Marketing. Television: Video and Display.

Which metrics do you support?
Our platform can work with both Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM). We are primarily a branding Network – meaning CPM is our preferred payment metric. It also offers the highest quality user traffic.
How can we get started?
You can register for a self-managed account here, alternatively, you can visit our support page if you have a custom request. You will be assigned an account manager from your first point of contact to ensure Atlan Media Networks is everything you need it to be.
Monetization & Publishers (3)
What are your requirements to join?

In order to successfully be approved for our Publisher program, you must meet the following requirements: You must have 100K monthly users per month. We use external tools to verify these numbers. Your site must have original content, or content you have officially licensed. We do not allow file sharing, torrent, drug, hate, darknet/ blackhat or other questionable publishers into our platform. Must agree to our terms & conditions upon application. Our major partner & platform provider is Google Doubleclick / Ad Exchange. If you have been banned from Adsense previously, unfortunately you will not be able to currently serve our ads.

If you have been banned by Adsense, we are coming up with alternative solutions for you.

What are your payment terms?
Payment terms are Net30, and default to Net15 after 3 months of being with us. Meaning revenue generated during January is paid on March 1 (30 days following the end of the earning period) We employ a minimum monthly payout amount of $100. We pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer or Check. All currency denominations Atlan Media Networks™ deal with are in USD.
What ad types do you provide publishers?
Atlan Media Networks™ supports all IAB Standard & Non Standard Ad Sizes for Desktop & Mobile. We also support custom and flexible ad units that can expand and detract depending on the device of your users. To learn more about IAB sizes please visit the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Atlan Media Networks
c/o Wussler Worldwide
Media Co.,
1075 North Peachtree
Street, Suite 3650,
Atlanta, GA 30309






Atlan Media Networks c/o Wussler Worldwide Media Co., 1075 North Peachtree Street, Suite 3650, Atlanta, GA 30309 Phone [email protected]




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